Best Practices for Hiring International (remote) Contractors
In this blog post, we take you through the best practices and guidelines you need to succeed while working with global contractors.
Can Small Remote Teams Thrive Without Global Payroll?
Insights for digital, game dev, and software engineering teams
How To Pay International Contractors: Regulations, Methods, & Best Practices
Whether they are independent contractors, freelancers, or project-based, the shift towards hiring overseas contractors is growing so fast. By 2027, The market size for freelance platforms, where most businesses work with contractors, is expected to reach USD$9.2 billion, growing at an average rate of 15.3% per year. This shows the opportunities for both businesses and global contractors.
Is a Global Payroll worth hype?
GameDev and IT teams and digital agencies hire staff overseas to enter new markets or find unique talent. Though Global Payroll services declare they can replace the whole HR, literally it is not the whole truth…