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Get paid. Superfast. 0% fee.

We handle all bank-related questions and transfer payments from your client to your payment method within seconds.

Let’s say you have a client abroad

It means you've got a job, whether it's full-time, part-time, or freelance. Your client might need to send you money from another country, get some papers signed, and sort out who owns the rights to your work. There's also some paperwork to handle e.g. making sure you send your client invoices that follow all the local rules.
With an Arbonum account, you can work for any client, wherever you are. We've got a team of tax experts who've given the green light to our contracts and made invoicing a breeze.
If you're always on the go, Arbonum lets you work from anywhere too.

It’s free & so are you.

Be free to work
with anyone

A single contract with Arbonum is enough to work with any amount of clients worldwide.

Get paid in your local currency

You pay 0% per withdrawal to your local bank card or an account.
No subscriptions. No hidden fees. Invoicing is included.


We support USDT payments to all major crypto currency exchanges.

Your client will have the best rate possible

Share our website with your customer and ask them to contact us directly. We will set up everything for you both.

24/7 live
support chat

Our team will assist you all along the way. Let us help you with all bank / tax / visa related questions.

Health insurance for
digital nomads

Get a universal health insurance with a discounted price for you and your loved ones.

Get your money really fast

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