Our story

Arbonum came to life as an assistant for those who like to call the shots in their work life – where they work, who they team up with, and the kind of gig they dive into.
This service had to be oh-so-helpful. For the digital nomads out there, fitting into a world where papers matter more than people can be a real head-scratcher.
In 2020, plenty of companies started to think of remote hiring for the first time. But let's be honest, it was no cakewalk for them either. Keeping that company culture alive and cracking the whip on a team scattered all over the globe? It's a headache, all right.
And what do you need to know and do to hire folks by the book in all those far-flung places? Fortunately, Arbonum stepped in to tackle and solve all of this puzzles for IT companies, ad agencies, and game developers from 110+ countries.
Nowadays, digital nomads aren't in a tug-of-war with office drones anymore; they're sparring with AI. Back in the day, we thought robots would be the work horses while humans got the creative kicks.
But now people are stuck with their dull tasks, while AI runs wild with creativity. We're all about setting that creative spark free, wherever you might be on this big green and blue planet.
Every now and then, big corporations see these digital nomads as the return of some kind of 24/7 tethered serfdom, where people are expected to be on call all the time and carry the whole load of social responsibility.
Right from the early days, we've only teamed up with clients who are on the same page – paying fairly and letting people work from any corner of this good Earth.

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