The mission comes from our very own lives

We have developed Arbonum for free-minded human beings.

Our team is comprised of members who had been leading a nomad lifestyle for many years. On this journey all of us strived to be effective, compliant, and successfully balance our personal and professional development.
We know many of our clients share these beliefs. Most companies want their nomad professionals to be fairly compensated, fully tax compliant, have proper health insurance, and have their future financial well being secured.
We truly believe, in the modern world nomads bring the same value to organizations as their employed colleagues. We also also strongly feel that every nomad deserves to have the same protection, remuneration and opportunities as any employed professional.
We created Arbonum to help these businesses to hire talent and build fair and effective relationships with their subcontractors.

These values drive
our roadmap


Our clients have enough complexity in their own operations, HR procedures, IP rights transfers, complex projects management. We strive to keep it simple. One agreement, one commission, fast onboarding.


We know our clients sincerely care about their individual subcontractors, and want them treated equitably and to get the same protection as their employed colleagues. In our platform we strive for the same. In partnership with industry leaders, we are ensuring that our subcontractors have access to the best health insurance, tax advice and private pension systems.


Our clients want to attract the best talent for their projects, but do not like to pay too much. Clients also do not like to pay for something that they do not need. At Arbonum we do not charge our clients monthly subscription, nor do we create sophisticated tariffs to maximize revenue per user. Our customers pay one simple commission only when they actually buy services from subcontractors using our platform. If you have a business, we have a business, if you do not make money, we do not charge you anything.


Working with and paying individual contractors from tens of countries around the globe, often located in exotic or emerging markets poses serious compliance challenges for our clients. For us at Arbonum that is what we do every day. We ensure the compliance of the subcontractors, so that our clients areable to focus on their core activities.

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