Get content fast. Pay bloggers faster.

Onboard & pay content creators in minutes so you can focus on goals, not admin jobs.

A short-cut to your audience.

Arbonum is a new way to manage your freelance talent. Our management platform
has a unique partnership model that structures Arbonum as the proxy between your company and your freelance talent team. It's simple, safe, and secure.
Arbonum offers fast payment, multiple currency options and simple invoicing
to make sure both you and your remote team get paid on time.

Get rid of payment delays

Similar to any other company or organization, influencers can also face payment delays. With Arbonum you have the option to pre-fund your account, allowing you to make immediate payments to bloggers and maintain a positive reputation for your brand.

Make contracting
an easy thing

Being approached for contracts is one matter, while actually securing and signing one is a whole different challenge. The Arbonum general agreement can serve as a versatile framework for collaborating with any number of influencers. We've refined it to ensure clarity, compliance, and the ability to tailor it to your specific needs in just one day, rather than taking weeks.

Automate IP, NDAs, and the GDPR to keep your brand safe.

Copyright is a primary concern for content creators, especially when it comes to materials produced by individuals and owned by your brand. It's crucial to ensure legal protection for your intellectual property rights. Centralizing and securely storing these rights is essential, while also adhering to regional legal requirements for data protection. We specialize in automating all of these aspects to streamline your business operations.

No stress.
No mess.

Let us contract your freelancers and admin their compliance and reporting. We'll do the background checks are too.
Safe and secure
Unlimited users
120 currencies
Tax reporting
IP rights transfer
24/7 online support