Perks you’ll love.

We stand for equal benefits for both employees and remote contractors.

Discover benefits that are personalized to your requirements. Explore the perks of having all your essentials in a single location.
Premium health insurance that works in every country across the world is only one of them.

Tax & legal support worldwide.

Need a personal tax strategy as a solopreneur or a digital nomad?
Free consultation from an expert in your native language. Carefully vetted tax lawyers and experts all over the world. Only 1 in 10 advisors gets through the selection process.
A certified expert issues a written opinion that can be used, for example, for appeals and substantiation of confirmation of the validity of a request to public services.
We undertake communication with local municipal and tax authorities.
All experts live in the country of receiving the service, have contacts in the municipal services, monitor changes in legislation.

Health insurance for digital nomads.

Health insurance can be challenging for remote contractors as digital nomads are tend to be the kind of people major vendors can't really accept.
We have bridged this gap with Safety Wing whose mission is to replicate the Norwegian health care net globally.
Nomad Insurance is a global medical insurance including COVID -19 that covers people from all over the world, while outside their home country. Any contractor can buy it even abroad.
SafetyWing is a global health insurance to cover your employees and contractors world wideunder one plan, regardless of where they live. You can simply manage this through a user friendly dashboard.

The health insurance may be paid by the contractors themselves or by the company that is ordering independent contractor's service. Corporate clients may also take out health insurance for their teams of contractors located anywhere in the world.

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