Spreadsheets off.
People on.

Connect with your team on
a personal level, not just as numbers.
Managing a fully remote team can be challenging. It's a day's work to promote fairness and ensure everyone shares your brand values. Remote working culture can be derailed by delayed payments or a cumbersome onboarding process.
How much time do you waste on remote team admin, even with fancy software? Global payroll and setting up new entities are complex tasks.

Pay and admin your remote contractors from anywhere much faster than your current solution.

Arbonum streamlines all your remote team's transactions, questions, and concerns with utmost transparency and a well documented process, all through a simple and clean web interface.

Know your contractors.

Don't handle personal data manually; let Arbonum automate the Know Your Customer (KYC) process for your future teammates.

Your own hiring policy.

Even without a dedicated People Ops team, you can provide new hires with a smooth onboarding experience from day one.
Arbonum serves as a versatile tool for People Ops in over 150 IT and game development companies. It centralizes invoicing, payments, compliance, IP rights, and benefits in a simple interface, all covered by a single contract.

No stress.
No mess.

Let us contract your freelancers and admin their compliance and reporting. By the way, we’ll do the background checks too.
Safe and secure
Unlimited users
120 currencies
Tax reporting
IP rights transfer
24/7 online support