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Onboard contractors in less than 5 minutes.

Unify all types of working contracts under one umbrella. Add your special terms & NDA to every contract with ease.

With Arbonum's speedy and simple process you will never lose a candidate again.

What could save us time for more valuable work? How can we provide an amazing an amazing onboarding experience for remote talents? There are plenty of solutions around, so how does Arbonum stand out?
We value your HR brand. Remote contractors are aware of the importance of working with famous companies on their career path. Employment with EOR services often negatively impacts the feeling of being part of your brand for employees. Arbonum handles the paperwork and payments without compromising your hiring policy.

Tax support

Our vetted tax advisors from 110+ countries will help contractors with tax related questions. Even the complicated ones.


Health insurance can be challenging for remote contractors as digital nomads are something major vendors can't really work with.
We have bridget this gap together with SafetyWing™ — backed by a major insurance company offering the best health benefit programs available for freelancers, contractors and citizens of the World.

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Multi-disciplinary employees?

When a project requires a job out of the described scope, with Arbonum you can manage it without opening a new contract or a long dispute.
Global talents think really widely, and our platform fits this mindset with a universal agreements.

We love PeopleOps.
You will love us for freeing up your time.


A single contract with Arbonum is enough to hire 1,000,000+ remote talents worldwide.

Clear pricing

You pay a fee per transaction. No deposits. No subscriptions. No hidden fees.


Onboard contractors in less than five minutes. Pay the whole team from a single bulk invoice.

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