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Get a flexible and cost-effective solution to send payments to contractors worldwide. Compliantly. Superfast.

Tailored contract

We are open to your requests to our contract framework

Instant transactions

Your whole dev team gets paid in seconds. That wow moment!

Privacy & GDPR

With Arbonum you no longer need to collect supplier data

110+ currencies

You pay in USD or EUR. Contractors get paid in their local currency.

Peace of Mind

No risk of making incorrect or duplicate payments

Budget saver

No need to maintain an entity or hire 'spreadsheet' drivers


A full set of reporting documents tailored to local requirements.

Planet friendly

Paperless reporting.



We don't charge you monthly fees or other meaningless deposits



It takes less than 10 minutes for the whole onboarding process


Free for contractors

Commission free withdrawals to cards and bank accounts



Individual and bulk payments can be made with a few clicks

Payments to the global team
can be a walk in the park.

At least seven employees within a medium sized organization are typically involved in dealing with the onboarding of one new IT contractor. The HR and legal department specialists are working on the agreement with the new contractor. The Compliance team is checking the person’s background and credentials.
The Accounting team is figuring out and negotiating the best way to pay for an international contractor and collecting the personal and tax info of the contractor. If the tasks involve transferring the IP rights from a contractor to the company, then an additional IP rights counsellor is required. And of course, there is a line manager, who establishes the working processes with the new contractor, agrees on how tasks are set, results transferred and accepted and working materials are exchanged.

Get rid of not-so-yours responsibilities

Whenever the contractor has a question about the documents for his tax declaration or delay in receiving pay, someone within the organization needs to deal with the contractor’s requests.
When an organization hires a contractor using Arbonum - we take care of all compliance, IP rights transfer, remuneration, and many other matters. And while the line manager still needs to communicate with the contractor, they only discuss tasks, not a myriad of support related matters. Eliminating additional costs and headaches for most organizations is our everyday job.

Save time and money

A single contract with Arbonum allows you to hire and work with hundreds of contractors all over theworld.
We onboard, pay and provide support to your contractors, saving your team time to concentrate on what’s really important.

Payments via a bulk list upload are supported too.
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Reporting is now unified

When it comes to paperwork individual IT contractors might get quite sloppy. With Arbonum all the reporting documents (contracts, invoices, acceptance acts, VAT docs) are readily available in the system.
When a company has specific requirements with regards to forming or timing of the reporting documents, we tailor the system to their specific needs.

Compliance guaranteed

We’ve noticed that banks and tax authorities in some countries are overly suspicious with companies paying private contractors. And when contractors are located in “exotic” or “difficult” locations, then it makes matters even worse and such transactions may be declined by the banks.
Every contractor registered in the Arbonum platform undergoes thorough compliance checks and verification procedures that we conduct in cooperation with professionals from SumSub Ltd. Arbonum works with tens of banks and payments institutions, we understand the banks’ concerns and thus are able to address those effectively. We make sure that by using our platform contractors receive their remuneration fast and with no delays, no matter in which country they reside and no matter which payment method the contractors choose.

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