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Since the very beginning we’ve been refining Arbonum to be the simplest way to manage global contractors' payroll. No hidden monthly costs or charges for complicated dashboards or unnecessary features.

Our clients speak for themselves

Arbonum's team of professionals has played an important role in helping us manage relationships with our globally distributed team. The quality of services and work of the support team have been outstanding.
Reliability and flexible pricing policy differentiate them among competitors. We highly recommend Arbonum for anyone seeking top-notch service for a remote team.
I faced some major banking difficulties and wasn't able to receive my payouts for a very long time. It was due to my personal situation, but throughout this whole time, Arbonum's support and financial teams were actively helping me settle this matter, and I have to say I had never seen a team that fights so fiercely for their clients.
I would absolutely recommend Arbonum to anyone who is looking for a platform that really cares. Outstanding service, guys!
We've been working (3 legal entities) with Arbonum for a long time (like 3 years or so). They help us to pay everyone everywhere. We have all the documents for the authorities in any country for any payment straight in the system. Our employees and freelancers too.
I wish I could have the same cooperation history with all systems and partners as I have with Arbonum. I should also say that the support works.


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Our team

My friend and I started Arbonum in 2020. I have over 10 years' of experience in HRTech and game & film production, and I noticed that remote work in creative industries often resembles modern slavery rather than a beneficial setup. This inspired me to create a talent management platform that prioritizes the needs of contractors while saving businesses time.
Our entire team has always worked remotely, and we are spread across five different countries. I am passionate about our work at Arbonum and share a love for raising kids, as well as being a film director myself, and enjoying 80's Japanese ambient music.
Roman Gordy, co-founder
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Throughout my extensive years of working with clients, I've come to embrace the core principle of every effective service: it must be crafted in a way that would personally compel me to use it. That's precisely why, at Arbonum, our new partners frequently find their way to us through glowing recommendations from our existing clients. This, in my view, stands as the ultimate validation of our endeavors.
In addition, our company's second paramount mission revolves around striking a perfect equilibrium betweenwork and life. In line with this philosophy, we ardently endeavor to address the needs of both our clients and service providers, ensuring they can focus single mindedlyon their core tasks. Our unwavering belief is that genuine talent knows no boundaries or confines, regardless of where they may be.
During my leisure hours, I take immense pleasure inspinning vintage vinyl records and relishing time with my beloved daughter.
Andrew Savshenko, CBDO CIS&EU
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I take immense pride in the knowledge that my contributions directly enhance your comfort and efficiency.
In every issue you bring to us, we perceive an opportunity for improvement, and we grow alongside you. Our service's values lie in not just being a partner but an integral part of your team. We appreciate every detail you bring to our attention, every question you pose, and we aim for the highest level of comfort in our collaboration with you.
Our objective is not solely to resolve issues but to create an environment where you can focus on your tasks without being burdened by technical concerns.
Eugene Bushkoff, Customer support
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Pandemic, large migration flows and other critical events in the past few years changed the way we live and work. Number of my teams were forced to become remote, I have become a nomad. New colleagues whom I have never met in person and who live thousands of miles away, have joined our projects and now we create value together.
From personal experience I know that new remote reality, creates challenges and requires much more self discipline, but it also has its benefits (like flexible hours and being able to see more of your children). Whatever the working mode, we should remain productive and continue to create value. We launched Arbonum so that remote teams stay effective. We believe our clients should be able to hire the best talent globally and with ease. We also believe that nomads like us, have the right for protection and remuneration as their colleagues who are employed. We work hard every day to make it happen.
Vadim Grigorenko, co-founder
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