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a talent abroad

...may turn into chaos. Gamedev studios & software agencies spend precious time on remote team admin. Global payroll is yet complicated. Incorporating a new entity is a burden.

Sound inspirational?
Not really

Managers, CTO & producers are involved in onboarding, compliance, invoicing, and payments. EOR platforms are just another bulky software to pay for.

Is there a solution?

What could save us time for more valuable work? How to provide an amazing onboarding experience for remote talents? There are plenty of solutions around, so how does Arbonum stand out?

Rethinking PeopleOps

With Arbonum's speedy and simple process you will
never lose
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A single contract with Arbonum is enough to hire 1,000,000+ remote talents worldwide.

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We’ve selected the best lawyers and feed them fresh & organic fruit and vegetables.
They are not locked in office cages with a game of table tennis but are free to live anywhere in the world.
So they can provide you with a robust contract applicable in 115+ countries.


Paid to contractors


Game Dev studios joined


Countries covered

3 min.

Average payout time

I was introduced to Arbonum three months ago, at first like many remote workers when it comes to salary management, digital wallets etc., I was uncertain of how things will go. This feeling was quickly resolved. All my transactions, questions and queries were executed with the highest level of transparency and certitude, coupled with a well documented procedure execution and a modern web interface. Keep up the good work ✊

Wafic El-Abed
Web Developer

No stress.
No mess.

Let us contract your freelancers
and admin their compliance and reporting.
By the way, background checks
are on us too.

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Unlimited users
120 currencies
Tax reporting
IP rights transfer
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