Flexible payment solution for your specific kind of business

Cost-effective and time-saving platform for hiring remote teams without a subscription fee.

Our pricing model is simple and clear.

Pay as you go means no money will be charged for the days you don't use the platform. We think that’s fair. And we don't have any hidden fees either.
Your business will get a boost by hiring the best talents and not bothering them with long onboarding or contract negotiations.
Do your contractors and employees create IP rights? We streamline IP rights transferring from your teammates to your entity. It is a solid model used by many A-level enterprises, including Google.
It covers the investor's requests in owning IP rights created by third party contractors.

Arbonum is legit to replace many services you probably pay for.

Though our genuine contracts are vetted we are always ready to adapt them to your very specific needs without compromising compliance with 115+ countries regulations.
Know more on how your contractors will benefit

Payments to contractors’ bank cards and accounts

Invoicing & reporting automation

Contractors' & employees' support centre

Locally compliant contracts for 115+ countries

Payroll & task management software

No need tp maintain a local entity to pay a remote team

Go global within minutes.

Register using your
company information.

A dedicated manager will promptly get in touch with you to address
your business requirements and provide a customized solution.

Invite your contractors
to the platform.

Allocate permissions
to your team members.

Fund your business account
via wire or SEPA transfer.

Make global payments
to your contractors!

Let's discuss your business

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