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Help us introduce Arbonum to the world. Whether you're a manager in a gamedev corp., comparison site, or a freelancer, join our affiliate program and earn commission by promoting us to your community.

Who can apply?

Anyone can apply to become an Arbonum affiliate, and we already work with hundreds ofleading publishers, influencers and partners allover the world. Please note, affiliate applications from inappropriate sources will be rejected, for example weapon producers, adult and gambling sites.

Help your friends automate the challenges of growing a global team, such as handling compliance, payroll, and health benefits.


A single contract with Arbonumis enough to hire 1,000,000+ remote talents worldwide.

Clear pricing

You pay a fee per transaction.
No deposits. No subscriptions.
No hidden fees.


Onboard contractors in less than five minutes. Pay the whole team from
a single bulk invoice.

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