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If your company regularly works with remote 2D & 3D-artists, testers & developers and is planning to hire more in the future, Arbonum will have multiple benefits across your departments.
Learn more about hiring remotely with Arbonum - a true game changer in the gamedev world.

The ultimate rebellion against routine

Settle invoices and pay artists, developers, bloggers, writers and testers

No need to set up regional offices.
Our experts will take care of invoices, reports, and taxes to keep you focused on business goals. Scale multinational team without compromising your HR brand.

IP rights.
Our specialty.

Arbonum contracts remote talents who lawfully assign any IP created during the contract to Arbonum as their formal customer. We receive the IP rights and transfer them automatically to you, the client, without the need to provide any additional documentation, with a few exceptions (like France).

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