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Pay bloggers faster.

A short-cut
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Hiring writers, influencers, YouTube stars?
Onboard & pay content creators in minutes so you can focus on goals, not admin job.


Arbonum is a new way to manage your freelance talent. Our management platform has a unique partnership model that structures Arbonum as the proxy between your company and your freelance talent team. It's simple, safe, and secure.

Arbonum offers fast payment, multiple currency options and simple invoicing to make sure both you and your freelancer team get paid on time.

Much much easier...

No need to manage any creator's data, e.g. bank accounts, taxes, currencies, NDAs anymore. Everything is in Arbonum now, saving us tonnes of precious time.

No stress.
No mess.

Let us contract your freelancers
and admin their compliance and reporting.
By the way, background checks
are on us too.

Safe and secure
Unlimited users
120 currencies
Tax reporting
IP rights transfer
24/7 online support