I use Deel. Why do I need another app to pay contractors?

Arbonum aims to offer a compelling alternative to Deel and many other platro that addresses common challenges faced by businesses working with contractors.
From rapid onboarding and efficient support toagility, emerging market expertise, and a focuson preserving HR brand integrity.

What will you get with $1000 in Arbonum vs. any other platform?

Have you noticed we don’t have any * marked terms?
Because we don’t have any.

In Arbonum

In most of the other platforms

Your contractor will get:
Arbonum fee:
Premium support:
from 2$ per report.
Customised docs & interface:
Customised docs & interface: No

Swift Onboarding
and Fast Money Withdrawals.

Arbonum stands out for its speed and efficiency. Onboarding contractors takes a matter of minutes, ensuring that your projects can kick off promptly. Moreover, the ability to withdraw funds to cards in mere seconds demonstrates Arbonum's commitment to reducing administrative delays and supporting contractors' financial needs.

Emerging Market

Arbonum's expertise in emerging markets' payroll is a valuable asset for companies seeking to expand their operations into new territories. This specialization allows Arbonum to provide unique insights, local knowledge, and solutions that are well-suited tothe challenges and opportunities present in these markets.

Exceptional Support Team.

Arbonum takes pride in its dedicated support team comprising highly skilled and attentive professionals. Unlike traditional call center operators or automated bots, Arbonum's team is not only efficient but also smart, capable of addressing intricate concerns and providing personalized assistance to both companies and contractors.

Enhanced HR Brand Experience.

Arbonum's mission to provide the best possible experience ensures that companies can maintain and enhance their HR brand while working with contractors. This is particularly important in a globalized business landscape where positive employer branding is a key factor in attracting and retaining top talent.

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