Our values

We believe in the concept of win-win-win. A good business is one that provides value to its customers, employees and shareholders. All three must benefit in order to create a true sense of community and balance.


There is nothing more important for a person than freedom. Freedom of expression, freedom of work and travel. This is written down in many constitutions of the world, but it is not always realized in life.
The freelance path means no office walls and no state boundaries. Choosing what you want to do and doing it the way you like is priceless. When talent is added to this, the results change the world for the better. We aim to positively affect those around us and to provide opportunities to anyone who is out there working locally. We work to help people get fair wages wherever they are.


There is nothing more precious than time. It is not a renewable source, the resource of which is very limited. We want you to spend every minute improving your life and yourself. Even reading this text, you may wonder if you want to spend time on routine work, and this is the first step to evaluating your time. They say that artificial intelligence should not ask questions that it can find answers to. Anything that can be automated must be automated.


We do change not in stillness but in a stream. But the meaning of any event can be assessed only through a calm look at what happened. We want to relieve creative people of the constant stress of entrepreneurs. Intellectual labour must be paid, and the accompanying data must be transmitted automatically.