Hiring Digital Nomads 2023

Occupations of Tomorrow. Essential analysis and a helpful guide.

The best onboarding practice for remote teams
Hiring trends overview
A detailed check list to automate contractors onboarding
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Whether you are a marketing manager who needs to keep track of freelance copywriters and researchers, an engineer trying to organize a tech team or a tutor with individual students, then Arbonum will back you up.

Digital marketing agencies
Easily pay SMM specialists and content makers with necessary reports
Digital product development
Hire and engage developers,
testers and analysts
Settle invoices and pay 3D-artists, developers, bloggers, writers and testers
Pay bloggers, webmasters, developers and SEO managers
Construction and architecture
Settle invoices and pay estimators, engineers and architects
Online education
Set up settlements with tutors, curators
and coaches
Mass media
Settle invoices and pay journalists, editors, correspondents and photographers
Advertising agencies
Settle invoices and pay designers, copywriters, promoters and merchandisers
Settle invoices and pay freelance lawyers, accountants and auditors
Charlotte Challiou
People Operations Generalist
If your team is working from home, they probably need more technology to work together to complete the work.
The automation provided by the SaaS solution is a great advantage from a team culture perspective, as employees spend less time on low-value paperwork.
Anna Zvonova
IT Lawyer Arbonum
I have been dealing with IP rights
in IT for over ten years. There is nothing magical in this area, but there are a lot of pitfalls and bureaucracy. The transfer of IP rights should not burden you
and your team.
Samantha Riddle
EMEA Tax Advisor Arbonum
It is a challenge to ensure that contractors spend the requisite amount of time in the correct place to comply with local legislation. If your morning begins with a study of the tax rules of a particular country, then we share the same vibe.

Your remote team.
Cherished by us.

Wafic El-Abed
Web-developer, Lebanon
I was introduced to Arbonum three months ago,at first like many remote workers when it comes to salary management,digital wallets etc.,
I was uncertain of how things will go. This feeling was quickly resolved. All my transactions, questions and queries were executed with the highest level of transparency and certitude, coupled with a well documented procedure execution and a modern web interface. Keep up the good work ✊
Paul Canes
Data Scientist, Hong Kong
Arbonum helped me to unlock more countries. I do manage all my freelance jobs and invoicing with them. Not much to learn, an intuitively simple interface, a kind and helpful support team.
Ana Paula Orotava
3D-artist, Spain
My customer is a game dev studio. They offered me to arrange all the work through the platform. We tried it, and everything went fine. If I have questions about sending money to an account or using local tax return forms, they always give me a prompt reply.